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Yup, that time of the year has arrived. The time when the weather is just a little bit colder, you don’t have any classes but still you can’t seem to relax, and suddenly whenever you speak louder than 3 db, you’re shouted at to STFU. In case you truly are phenomenally stupid, I’m talking about exams.

Exams are an unpleasant experience at the best of times. The need to de-cipher the cryptic shorthand that you’ve been using all year, the pages of notes you just suddenly can’t find, and the rapid onset of chronic caffeine addiction. Yum. I was reading an article in a magazine the other day which told me that the best way to avoid procrastination is to jump right in. I’m not a fan of this approach. That’s like standing at the edge of a pool with someone telling you that the best way to get over your fear of drowning is to “jump right in.”

I put the ‘pro’ in procrastination. I’m really, really good at it. What do you think I’m doing right now? I’ve even found a handy flow chart. To me there is no better time of year to do laundry, sort out my mp3 collection, make awesome changes to my facebook, etc. When else am I meant to do it? And besides, I went to the lectures, I’ll be fine.

But then again I’m also lucky. I don’t get stressed. I’m a really chilled person that way. Unfortunatly, I decided to bunk the lecture that the Law Faculty so kindly organised for us on dealing with exam stress. So I can’t exactly tell you how to deal with any stress that you might experience. Like I said, my cure for stress is usually nothing more complicated than a glass of some fine vino. MMMMMMmmm. Sometimes it even helps me to study.

Exam stress relief: Tasty

Exam stress relief: Tasty

To all my university, school, technikon and otherwise exam-writing friends, all the best. Study hard, procrastinate little and get good grades.

There’s six weeks of freedom waiting on the other side.


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