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The big news yesterday was that the ANC wishes to launch a brand new phone line, direct to the presidency, should anyone wish to complain. Seeing as it’s going to be toll-free, my first question was: “Who’s going to pay for this?” The short and simple answer is, that the taxpayer will be footing the bill. This bothered me for a while, until I realised that the only people likely to complain about an ANC government are the people that are actually paying tax.

Looking past the fact that this is the dumbest idea EVER, I wondered what calling this number would be like:

Please excuse the terrible quality. I don’t own a decent microphone… 😦 Like this video, I predict epic fail.

Disclaimer: Killing Time Until Time Kills Me is not affliated to any political party. The above video is a work of satire, and is not to be taken seriously.


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