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redditguy I’m a bit of a social networking slut. I’m on facebook, Twitter, an internet forum, flickr, Afrigator, WordPress, Delicious, etc, etc… And I check it constantly, with the frequency of a high school student. I don’t see it as a bad thing. But in between all the checking up of my online life, there’s a lot of internets that goes unexplored.

What pisses me off about the internets is that it’s so damn big. And it’s filled with total and utter shit. Seriously. In 2007 there were almost 30 billion websites on this gigantic monolith of information. Most of it probably porn.

So exactly where do I find all the cool things that I randomly blurt out at inappropiate times? reddit.com. Reddit is essentially a stripped down version of Digg, just way way cooler…

Essentially what it is is a website where other people can share different web links, of cool things that they’ve found on the internets. Sometimes it’s a news story. Sometimes, it’s a cool youtube video. Sometimes they even ask the site a question, and get other users to answer it. I truly love this website. It’s bloody brilliant. And self-governed.

So how does one distinguish the good from the crap? Like I mentioned, it’s self governed, and user ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ what’s hot and what’s not. Good stuff get’s up-voted, and all the bilge gets down-voted.

What also sets the website apart from anything similar, like Digg.com, is the site’s users. One almost gets a sense of community amongst them. But the comments left on links posted is the absolute best. The screenshot I have is too big for WordPress, but click here to view it on flickr. And the comments are like this on just about every link posted.

I’ve mentioned the similarity to Digg, and for April Fool’s this year, reddit had possibly the best prank of them all. The rivalry between Digg and reddit is fierce. Reddit users hate Digg, and Digg is too far up it’s own ass to care. So, on the 1st of April, when I logged in, this is what I saw:

Most epic April Fools internet joke.

Most epic April Fools internet joke.

Reddit is awesome. Try it. You’re bound to get hooked.


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