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I’ve never been a big fan of superhero movies. I’m also not a big fan of Hugh Jackman, for several reasons, but largely because he’s Australian. They’re all prisoners anyway. But in spite of all of this, I wasn’t going to miss the magic of seeing a new release in the Ster Kinekor in Somerset West, because, well, it’s just an Epic experience.
Hugh Jackman. Australian.

Hugh Jackman. Fosters, Koala's and a shrimp on the barbie.

After furiously working with Tweak and GadgetBoy to finish our assignments due for Private Law, GadgetBoy and I jumped into his car (complete with GeekPlateTM) and hit the R44.

Wednesday evenings are definitely the night to go and see movies. There’s only adults. It’s awesome. No one uses their cellphones during the movie! Well, ‘cept for the douche next to us, but it was okay. I’ll let it slide this time. A quick beer, some Thai food (on a side note, a Thai Green curry makes my eyes water, sweat profusely, and scream for my mommy, but man, it’s good) and we were ready. Popcorn buttered, straws in cooldrinks, let’s see this shit.

The movie traces the origins of Wolverine, how he and his brother Victor (who later becomes Sabretooth) grew up together, right from the Civil War, all the way to ‘Nam, where they eventually get picked up by the US military to form part of an elite strike force, who travel to Nigeria to kick some ass and steal the super-compound, Adamantium (which later gets bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton, rendering him indestructible. After the Nigeria mission, Wolverine walks away from the military, and retires to a life of being a lumberjack. This is explained mostly by Hugh Jackman being shirtless and carrying an axe. Eventually, Victor returns, and kills his girlfriend. The rest of the consists of Wolverine trying his utmost to avenge his girlfriends death.

Don’t go and see this movie if you’re only going to go for the special effects. They suck. HARD. But what makes this movie excellent is the amazing ability of director Gavin Hood to tell a story. He did it without words in The Shopkeeper, won an Oscar for it in Tsotsi, and excells again in X-Men Origins. He’s certainly not an action director, but he doesn’t do too badly in this film.

The action is good, but I kind of felt that the movie hit it’s climax right at the beginning of the film, when Ryan Reynolds showed the most amazing swordfighting ability. The rest of the movie’s action doesn’t measure up to this at all, always leaving you wanting a little more, until right at the very end. The final fight is epic, although maybe a bit short.

Warning: This movie may turn you into a douche.

Warning: This movie may turn you into a douche.

The movie sets a great prequel, and when I walked out, the first thing a wanted to do was go and rent the first X-Men. There’s some dicey casting in places (Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas), but it doesn’t hamper Gavin Hood’s storytelling at all. Go see it. You won’t regret it.

In spite of Hugh Jackman.


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