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Right, so it’s been a while (Monday/Tuesday?) since I last spoke to you, this has been mostly due to the fact that last night I wrote Private Law, which, despite the rumours and reputation, actually wasn’t all that bad. What is beginning to grate my carrot is the frantic last minute campaigning happening EVERYWHERE. It’s beginning to piss me off.

What started out as the odd politically-influenced friend on facebook changing his status to support a political party, has snowballed into something quite disasterous. Whereas politics, especially amongst my friends (those of the 19 – 23 year old age group), has never really been a talking point, everyone has suddenly become an expert.

What’s pissing me off is people asking who I’m voting for. It’s none of your damn business. There is a good reason that the ballots are secret. I have no desire to tell you who I plan on voting for. And no, throwing a rock concert, giving me biltong, and handing me a bunny lick (how very Shofar), will not ‘buy’ my vote.

I will not vote for Biltong.

I will not vote for Biltong.

The entire campaign trail has been nothing other than a high school sports match. It is nothing more than party leaders dancing, and singing, drumming up support by saying “We’re the best!,” and “Look at them, looked how they messed up! At least we’re not like that. Please explain to me how this depicts your manifesto, and what you plan to do for the country. It’s childish. Now stop it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I still have a slight belief in my country, as well as the gears of democracy, I would have seriously considered not voting. But don’t do that. Please vote. Just grit your teeth, put the blinkers on and vote based on what you feel. Your vote is your vote. It’s no-ones duty to tell you who to vote for. Please don’t be a sheep.

PS> Sincere apologies for the lack of humour in this post. I’m going to put it down to lack of sleep.


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