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In all honesty, I’m growing a little tired of all the beef between Helen Zille and Jacob Zuma. This time it’s even gotten to the point where the ANCYL is threatening to ‘mobilise’ (this has to be their most-used word ever) and make the Western Cape ‘ungovernable.’

We’ve recently learned in Criminal Law that the State rests absolutely ZERO duty on you to report a crime should you see one happening. That’s right, should you find yourself walking along the street and see someone getting mugged, as a civilian, you have NO duty to do anything. You can, in fact, just stand and watch. Maybe get some popcorn and your camera if you’re a tourist. (Please note this extends only to civilians. Security guards, policemen, etc, you’re a different story.) There is, however, one exception to the Civilians-don’t-need-to-do-anything-rule: Treason. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but does threatening to make a government ‘ungovernable’ not count as treason? Somehow I doubt the Stellenbosch police station will take me seriously.

I decided that the best way to settle this was in the age-old internet tradition of a googlefight. Let’s see what the results yielded:

Helen Zille v Julius Malema:

Helen wins.

Helen wins.

So hopefully this result will shut the ANCYL up for a little while, as every time they make a statement, it either results in some form of the word ‘mobilise’ coupled with some form of ‘whites hate us, sniff sniff’. Please. Grow the fuck up. (@Julius – please note that this is just my opinion. There is truly no need to ‘mobilise’ against all the people of Stellenbosch. BTW, can I please call you Julius ‘mobilise’ Malema? Please? I’ll buy you cake).

Right, time to see how Helen does against the leader of our country, it’s time for Helen v Jacob.

And Jacob takes Helen, exactly 2-1

And Jacob takes Helen, exactly 2-1

Right Helen. So you have got quite a way to go. It would seem that Jacob is twice as strong as you are. But how does your organisation measure up?

DA vs ANC:

ANC fails

ANC fails

So what does this blogpost say about our political landscape over the next five years? Well, not much. But hopefully it took your mind off the fact that our politicians are nothing more than schoolchildren, who have nothing but empty threats about taking lunch money and who resort to petty name-calling. Seriously. This is meant to be a democracy!

Grow up.


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